Los Angeles businesses are working to re-open safely to the public.

This website from L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office provides information for companies and organizations requesting essential protective gear for Angelenos during COVID-19.

Information on essential protective gear for Angelenos to address the COVID-19 crisis.

The goal of L.A. Protects is to help local businesses in the process of implementing COVID-19 safety protocols by providing information on six essential categories of COVID-19 safety supplies. This also includes working with local manufacturers to make facial coverings, which are required in many circumstances. Our partner Kaiser Permanente developed the design specifications for the non-medical masks posted on this website. Local textile manufacturers have lent their expertise in garment and apparel production to provide quality assurance checks and provide other technical support to make this project possible.

*Please note that, separately, the FDA is working with PPE manufacturers directly to explore ways to expand their production capacity. This is a separate program.

For any questions related to requirements and suggested protocols for re-opening your business, please see the relevant Reopening Toolking for your industry, linked here.

PPE Calculator

Please download the excel file that contains a PPE calculator for your business . The goal of this calculator is to give you a sense of how much COVID-19 related safety equipment you may need to operate within the protocols required by the LA County Department of Public Health. The estimates from this calculator are based on average PPE usage and consumption of sanitizing supplies. Your specific operational needs may vary.

Download The PPE Calculator

Buy Local

Below is a list of local manufacturers who are regularly visited by business ambassadors to check on social distancing. Please consider supporting these local businesses.

Click Here for the List

Facial Coverings

According to the Centers for Disease Control COVID-19 mainly spreads through respiratory droplets from infected individuals. By proactively wearing facial coverings we are protecting each other by ensuring that we limit the spread of respiratory droplets when we talk, sneeze, or cough. The City of Los Angeles requires that people wear facial coverings when they are out in the public. Facial coverings are also required when members of the public enter places of business, such as grocery stores.

Medical Grade Respirator Masks

Medical grade respirator masks are reserved for healthcare workers and first responders that are providing care and critical services in high-risk environments. These workers are in situations where they are in repeated contact with persons likely to be COVID-19 positive. Please, do not purchase N95 respiratory masks if you are not a healthcare provider or delivering essential services that warrant their use.

Face Shields

Face shields are worn in addition to facial coverings. Face shields protect the wearer from respiratory droplets from other people. There are instructions online on how to make face shields at home. Local manufacturers have also used 3D printing as well as injection molding to make these items. Face shields should be considered for positions such as wait staff and others who have contact with members of the public who are not using masks. USC has put together a list of resources for organizations interested in buying face shields locally. Please visit their website for more information.

Shop for face shields at shop.wetdesign.com.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand hygiene is critical to combat COVID-19. When you are not able to wash your hands with soap and water, the CDC recommends using hand sanitizer with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol. Please remember that hand sanitizer should be used in addition to frequent handwashing with soap and water.


The CDC does not recommend that the general public widely use gloves. The public should limit their use of gloves to cleaning and taking care of family members with COVID-19. Workplaces should consult LA County of Public Health’s protocols for individual industries for their direction as to when gloves should be used. Gloves are essential for workers engaged in clearing or disinfection as well as workers in food preparation and other lines of work where gloves were already needed in the normal course of business.

Non-Contact Thermometers

Using non-contact infrared thermometers can be a simple way to measure someone’s temperature quickly. These devices range in cost from $45 to more than $70. When using these devices it’s important to strictly follow the manufacturers’ instructions. These instructions typically include guidelines on using a draft-free space and placing the non-contact infrared thermometer in the room where it will be used 30-90 minutes before using it.

Fever Free is a digital tool to help companies conduct temperature checks and symptom screening before employees arrive to the workplace. Please check out their site for more info: https://weecare.co/fever-free

Interested in Requesting Facial Coverings?

If your organization requires facial coverings, please fill out the form to provide more information about your organization and your facial covering needs.

*Please note that completing this form DOES NOT guarantee that these items will be provided. Items will still need to be purchased.

Purchase from directly from an approved manufacturer. See the list here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an “essential business? Would garment and apparel manufacturers be considered essential if they make protective equipment or goods needed by the healthcare system and essential workers?

Companies that provide goods and services that are recognized as critical to the health and well-being of the City are considered to be essential and are allowed to continue with their operations. Garment and apparel companies that supply needed equipment to health care professionals, the healthcare system, as well as protective equipment for essential workers are considered essential per the Safer at Home order. Companies that apply to and are approved to participate in L.A. Protects to make items deemed necessary by the Mayor’s Office will be considered essential.

Do essential manufacturers have to comply with additional requirements?

Yes, please refer to the guidelines on social distancing and maintaining a sanitary workplace. It is important that employee workstations be separated by six feet, that companies implement disinfection protocols for workstations and high use areas, and take other measures necessary to maintain a safe working environment.

Do I have to follow the design specifications and material requirements?

Yes, as part of this program you are certifying that you have access to the needed materials and can perform the work to the desired specifications. You may also be required to submit samples for quality assurance and approvals.

How will the City enforce social distancing rules at manufacturing facilities?

The City of Los Angeles is deploying Business Ambassadors who will perform unannounced visits to businesses. This includes businesses that are part of LA Protects as well as any other business that is currently in operation. Business Ambassadors will help businesses implement social distancing practices at workplaces.

Who will I sell these items to?

Once you are confirmed as a partner, we will share your contact information and capacity to other essential businesses that are looking for non-medical masks. These businesses will then contact you directly to place an order. You are responsible for billing these clients and delivering the promised finished products.

My business has materials that meet the specifications. How can I donate this to help produce protective gear?

Please send any in-kind donation opportunities to together@thereformation.com to support this effort and get these materials to producers.

What is “protective gear”?

Protective gear are non-medical masks that can be used by medical patients and front-line workers, including grocery store workers, delivery drivers, medical supplies providers, and others as an added precaution. Protective gear are NOT Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and have not been FDA-approved as PPE. Protective gear should NOT be used in place of N-95 masks, face shields, isolation gowns, or other PPE.

Who will be using the protective gear?

Protective gear will be used by medical patients and front-line workers, including grocery store workers, delivery drivers, medical supplies providers, and others, as an additional precaution to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19. 

Will I be reimbursed by the City of Los Angeles for producing protective gear?

No, you will not be reimbursed by the City of Los Angeles for producing protective gear. Please note that shifting your production to produce protective gear DOES NOT guarantee that these items will be purchased, and we will be in touch with manufacturers if we are interested.

If I am an individual or an organization, can I volunteer to produce protective gear?

At this time, we are asking qualified manufacturers only to fill out the form for producing protective gear.

How do I request protective gear?

To request protective gear for your organization, please fill out the form on our website here. Please note that completing this form DOES NOT guarantee that these items will be provided.

If I am an individual, can I request protective gear?

At this time, we are asking organizations only to fill out the form for requesting protective gear.

Will I be reimbursed by the City of Los Angeles for purchasing protective gear?

No, you will not be reimbursed by the City of Los Angeles for purchasing protective gear. Items will still need to be purchased.

Do companies need to be located in the City of Los Angeles to participate?

At the moment yes, companies interested in participating must have their operations in the City of Los Angeles.

Are manufacturers participating in LA Protects required to a third party labor audit?

Yes, manufacturers will be audited by a third party labor audit firm that will visit your shop to ensure that applicable labor laws and regulations are being followed. Manufacturers are also responsible for paying the $350 fee for the audit.

What are the requirements for manufacturers to participate in LA Protects?

Companies must agree to the City of Los Angeles Contractor’s Code of Conduct as well as agree to 3rd party labor audits of their facilities.